The authentic Brazilian bakery
The always fresh taste that will delight you. Amazing breads, desserts, cakes and snacks you won't ever forget!
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We’re glad you’re here

Nothing can make us more happy than have you here! The number one Brazilian Bakery of Massachusetts now have 4 locations for better serving you. Find us in Worcester, Marlboro, Stoughton and Framingham.

We're willing to see you here, but you can tell us your thoughts right now! They are very important to make us better every day.

What makes us Special ?

Your satisfaction is the reason we create high quality and fresh snacks and lunches every day. So, don't waste your time, but taste every time you want something really special to eat!

Premium Brazilian Coffee

The original and authentic premium roasted Brazilian coffee gives you true energy throughout your day!

42 Delicious Items

French salt and sweet breads, cakes, tapiocas, açaí... you really need to taste and feel its energy.

The Perfect Lunch

You can't miss our delicious Brazilian Lunches, including the true Picanha barbecue.

Pleasant Place

Bring your family, have fun conversation and don't be mad if you can't resist what you see. You'll love it!

The Secret Power Formula

Your body energy will never be the same after our delicious Açaí Power Formula made with authentic Brazilian berry's pulp. Blend it with fruits you like most and fuel your body with this strong Superfood ever.

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